Workshops & Classes

Energy Waves - Online 5Rhythms

WHEN: Thursday 7 May 2020                                    

TIME: 18.30-20.00

Send an email to: and I will then send you the link (Registration before 16.00!)

150 SEK (14 EUR, 15 USD, 12 GBP)
In Sweden swish to 0708-22 34 59
Outside of Sweden via Paypal and my email:

Download zoom which is super easy - Click on the link I send to you - Choose "Join with video"

Please join 15 min before to make sure you are connected.

Connect your computer, Ipad or phone to your sound system.

Prepare your space and make sure it's quiet around you.


Passion for Life - ON-LINE JOURNEY of this time!

"Personal Development Program"

We live in a time of fear. We are stuck at home. Things are uncertain.

It’s not an easy time we are going through. We are facing a big shift in the world right now. How do we navigate?

How can we find peace inside of us and at the same time create a meaningful life in the midst of chaos?

We need to be the shapeshifter where we can be anchored in trust, look after our mind, take care of our body, meet the feelings that might come up and still be creative.

🌹 Are you somebody who feels:

1. Shaky of all what’s happening in the world            
2. Tense
3. Worried
4. Lonely
5. Low

🌹 Are you somebody who wants:

1. Peace inside
2. Aliveness in your life
3. Motivation
4. Connection with like-hearted people
5. Someone to talk to when thoughts, feelings and idéas comes up
6. Someone who listen to You
7. Love
8. Support

🌺 I’m creating a 4-week program for Personal Development and the themes are:

• In Flow with Life
• Finding Your Strength
• Making Space
• Re-connecting with Your Passion
• Trust

💃 What I know is that life is short. What I know about ”Aliveness” is that:

It gives me Energy
I become Creative
I feel Strong
I feel Joy
I Trust myself
I feel FREE

👉 I’m going to take you on a journey! You are going to meet some amazing people from different parts of the world and we are going to do this together! It’s going to be a small investment of 3 500 SEK (315€).

🌹 This programme includes:

• Meditations
• Exercises
• Personal support
• Guiding
• Sharing
• Dance
• On-line Live meetings
• Private FB-Group
• Connection with ”like-hearted” people