Workshops & Classes


Self Love - Uppsala, Sweden 12/1-2019

During this workshop we will look deeper into the layers of protection that we usually use when we get triggered. We will dance to get in tune with the body, there will be a short teaching and there will be time for self exploration through movement.

WHEN AND WHERE                                                           

Venue: Uppsala Waldorfskola (eurytmisalen)

Where: Hågavägen 69, Uppsala

Date: Saturday 12/1-2019

Time: 10.30-13.30

Price: 300 kr when booked and payed latest Friday

the 4th of January, after 350 kr.


For booking, send Prateeksha an email and pay.

Swish to 0708-22 34 59 or do a bank transfer (let me know in your email).