About me

I fell in love with the 5Rhythms when I was in Maui, Hawaii for windsurfing. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join a dance that evening. She said it was just like in India. I said ok, if it's like in India I come. When I arrived at the entrance it was a huge long cue with people going for the dance. It was around 100 dancers in a big beautiful room. When we were dancing it felt like the ceiling would take off. It was an amazing experience such energy, joy, freedom and I could be myself. I continued dancing every week and sometimes more often and after each class I felt so good inside. That's when I decided to become a 5Rhythms Teacher. I started to travel around in Europe for many years, went to San Fransisco to dance with Gabrielle Roth to get all the prerequisites in order to apply for the teacher training. I was one of 1000 who applied and we were 80 dancers from all around the world who was accepted. I got certified 5Rhythms Dance Teacher 2011 and have been teaching since then. I have extensive trainings in personal growth and meditation which I have worked with since many years. Since 2002 I have been travelling to Pune, India where I have worked and participated in many trainings. Prateeksha is my sannyas name which I got in India,  it means "longing and awaiting". It's a reminder of who I am without all the conditioning. 

                                                                                                                                  I lead workshops and classes in Sweden, Europe and India.