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Coaching sessions

Why coaching is good for you

During a coaching session you will be supported in what you and your body needs at the moment. Maybe you have pain in the body, feel stressed or maybe you are dealing with anxiety. Sometimes we feel stuck in life, we might not know which way to go or how to communicate, we feel confused, have lost our power and are not in tune with our natural flow and creativity.

In my sessions I use soft movements, breath and meditation where you have the possibility to connect with yourself. The connection with our body is essential for a healthier life and for being able to express what’s going on in us on a deeper level.

If you are dealing with back pain or pelvis pain I work specifically with that which also includes nutrition advice which will help the body to heal.

I work in a holistic way where all aspects are important. I have more than 25 years experience of personal development working with the body, mind and soul.

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