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5Rhythms® Moving Meditation 10 December Varberg

An opportunity to tune in to your own flow and let go of tensions and a busy mind so we can stay grounded and centered. The 5rhythms allow us to get in touch with our feelings and to express the beauty of our inner world as energy in motion. You dance in your own pace.

We start with a warm up which will be followed by an explanation of the 5Rhythms and then we will dance through a wave.

DATE: 10 December, 2022
TIME: 16:00-17:30
VENUE: Rosenfredsskolan, plan 2

ADRESS: Greve Jakobs väg 6, Varberg
BOOKING: 225 SEK – Swish to 0708-22 34 59 and send an email to:


Soft clothes to move in
Water bottle
We dance barefeet

Read more about 5Rhythms

Meditation Varberg

Inner Space Online Guided Meditation

An invitation for you to take some time for yourself, slowing down, connecting with your body and give your mind some rest for a little moment. In our busy lifes it’s more important then ever to take time for ourselves. During this meditation we will create more inner space.

Inner space is essential if we want to bring more peace and act with authencity which will be directly reflected on our daily life. It’s a practise which get’s easier the more often we take time for it. To just be.


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