Workshops & Classes

5Rhythms San Francisco

Online 5Rhythms® Evening Classes

This class starts with a warm up, followed by a wave and will end with a sharing. An opportunity to tune in to your own flow and let go of tensions and a busy mind so we can stay grounded and centered. The 5rhythms allow us to get in touch with our feelings and to express the beauty of our inner world as energy in motion. You dance in your own pace.

Connect your phone or computer to speakers for best sound. Make sure you have enough space to move.

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5Rhythms® Moving Meditation

We will learn how we can use the dance as meditation. We will move so that we can find a flow in our body, practising being precent and awaken the joy so we can be fully alive and enjoy our daily life.

We start with a warm up which will be followed by a demo and explanation of the 5Rhythms and then we will dance through a wave.

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5Rhythms Göteborg

Coming Alive Revitalizing Yourself 5Rhythms Online Workshop

This workshop is an invitation for you who would like to connect with your joy and power. It’s easy to loose ourselves, loose our center and loose the connection with our life energy. During this workshop we will release our tensions in a playful way and let go of what we no longer need to hold on to. By moving with this wave of energy we unleash the power, which is hidden within us. We will create a space where our unique qualities can become alive. During this workshop we will look at how we leak our energy and how we can regain it. There will be dance, exercises and sharing so we can go deeper.

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Meditation Varberg

Inner Space Online Guided Meditation

An invitation for you to take some time for yourself, slowing down, connecting with your body and give your mind some rest for a little moment. In our busy lifes it’s more important then ever to take time for ourselves. During this meditation we will create more inner space.

Inner space is essential if we want to bring more peace and act with authencity which will be directly reflected on our daily life. It’s a practise which get’s easier the more often we take time for it. To just be.


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Personal development

Passion for Life – Online Journey of this time, a 4-week Personal Development Program

We live in a time of fear. We are stuck at home. Things are uncertain.

It’s not an easy time we are going through. We are facing a big shift in the world right now. How do we navigate?

How can we find peace inside of us and at the same time create a meaningful life in the midst of chaos?

We need to be the shapeshifter where we can be anchored in trust, look after our mind, take care of our body, meet the feelings that might come up and still be creative.

Are you somebody who feels:

1. Stuck

2. Tense and stressed
3. Worried
4. Lonely
5. Low energy level

6. That your body needs support

Are you somebody who wants:

1. More flow in your life
2. Feel more aliveness
3. Motivation
4. Connection with like-hearted people
5. Someone to talk to when thoughts, feelings and idéas comes up
6. Someone who listen to you
7. Love
8. Support

I’m creating this 4-week program for personal inner growth and the themes are:

• In Flow with Life
• Finding Your Strength
• Making Space
• Re-connecting with Your Passion
• Trust

What I know is that life is short. What I know about ”Aliveness” is that:

It gives me Energy
I become Creative
I feel Strong
I feel Joy
I Trust myself
I feel FREE

The programme includes:

• Meditations
• Exercises
• Personal support
• Guiding
• Sharing
• Dance
• 2 Online LIVE meetings every week

• 1 Individual session LIVE
• Private FB-group or other platform where we will stay connected for the entire 4-weeks
• Connection with ”like-hearted” people

I’m going to take you on a journey where you will have full support! You are going to meet some amazing people from different parts of the world and we are going to do this together!

Welcome to book a FREE CALL to find out if this is for you by sending me an email saying you are interested or simply ask the questions you might have in the email!